"See some of our previous transformations. Do not just take our word for it, see what clients are saying about us."



I had never trained regularly before starting my programme with the team at Truth: a year later I’m happy training five or six times a week. They have delivered and more on what we agreed as goals at the start - weight loss and muscle gain - in a way that has become sustainable, just a natural - and enjoyable (mainly...) - part of my day. No gimmicks, just hard work, great coaching, and good fun too. I can’t recommend them enough.



I have been a long term client of TRUTH and I couldn’t be more impressed by them. The service is perfect for me and my bespoke programme is tailored to my busy schedule and specific needs.

Working with TRUTH has kept me in great shape and allowed me to continue working hard building my business whilst maintaining my health, energy and fitness.



Great team of coaches - you’ll get the results you want.



Whilst I have been a member of the gym for a while, I have always struggled to train due to work commitments and being pushed for time. In addition, I was never quite sure if what I was doing was making a difference. In September, I decided that I would try personal training with the Truth team in order to get fit and commit to regular exercise. With the guys I have lost weight, feel stronger and have fixed a long term back problem that I have had on and off for many years. I really enjoy the workouts, each one is different and built around me. I would highly recommend the Truth team.



I met with Cameron after a year of none-stop back pain, and was starting to accept it as the status-quo. Cameron took the time through a detailed diagnosis to get to the route of the issue and set an exercise programme with the aim of building my core and back strength. 8 weeks in and the pain is pretty much gone and without a doubt soon to be a thing of the past. Cameron and Tony are excellent, they'll change your perception of what a PT is and the effect they can have. Nice guys too, always a pleasure training with them!



The question I asked Tony and Cameron was: Can you make me run faster? I enjoy running, and run quite a lot, and have been a keen runner for years, but I’m now 45 and have been getting slower. My buddies told me to get real and accept that I’m just getting older. To be honest, I was afraid I’d have to admit that my buddies were right. Within two months they guys had me running my fastest 10k in 8 years, I’m stronger, and enjoying both the running and sport a lot more. It’s not been lots of onerous training either, just one PT session a week, some “homework” and a bit more focus on nutrition to drop some weight.



The team at Truth Gyms are amazing. I’ve been training with Cameron there for 6 months and he’s helped transform my body. He’s a PT who really knows what he’s talking about! Always in a great mood and so flexible and accommodating with my ever-changing schedule. I’m signed up for another 6 months



Very thorough, personal and professional service that doesn't stop when you leave the gym floor. The guys at Truth listened to my goals and helped me achieve them by creating the best diet and exercise plan that works for me and my schedule. They've built up my confidence and I look so much better! I can highly recommend Truth Gym.



I never thought I would look forward to the gym and spent 15 years of adult life hating exercise until I started training with Truth Gym. Now I love the days I have a session and genuinely miss it when I don’t. Before I started I was very unhealthy, had lost a lot of muscle and put on fat and decided to do something about it. I’ve been training with them for a few months and already seeing and feeling a dramatic improvement. I have built muscle, lost weight which loads of people have commented on, sleep better and have more energy. I feel like a stronger person and would highly recommend Truth regardless of how fit you are now- they will get you quick results but also be there for the long term.



I went to see the Truth guys as I needed to lose some weight and get trimmed before my wedding. Within three weeks I had lost half a stone and can't believe the transformation. Without the guidance and motivation from Truth I would not have been able to achieve this result! I recommend them so highly and they will tailor a plan to fit your needs! Thanks again guys Im looking forward to training with you next.



Honest, straightforward and commitment. Love working with these guys and they really help deliver results. Best PTs I’ve ever worked with.



I have been going to the guys for nearly a year and highly recommend the team. They have improved my life in many ways from my physicality to my mental attitude to health and fitness. If you have any fears on training then go see them they put you at ease and take you on a path to feeling and looking better.



I work with Truth. Brilliant working with these guys. They work you hard, focus on body transformation and the results are fantastic every time. Quality! 👌