Simply put we do personal training on the highest level.

This means that you get us investing in you just as much as you invest in us.

When we go the extra mile we really mean it.

Unlike other gyms we are here for you even after you have left the facility.

"I wanted to lose 5lb in one week, I did not know what to eat or how to train, but I found that when TRUTH checked in with me before every meal to make sure my portion sizes where on point, no matter whether I was on the run, travelling or in a restaurant, I knew exactly what to eat and I got the result i was after"

Zaki, Senior Economist, 33

"I was not sure how to prepare healthy meals, TRUTH made sure I did by coming to my home, they talked me through food choices and showed me how to read labels so that I quickly mastered portion sizes and ingredient mixes"

Rob, Director of Media Design, 39

"I was so busy with work I could not train as often as I wanted, TRUTH made sure they opened the gym early enough for me to get my PT session in and they were flexible with their diaries meaning I could get on with my day without loosing focus on business"

Henry, Director of National Property Development Company, 53


We listened to you and you told us that you wanted to be 10 years younger. So we went about delivering that.


How we do it

Long term sustained results based around teaching you how to navigate your world and the dangers without sacrificing or compromising your health, taking up your valuable time, injuring you or resorting to gimmicks.

The results you achieve 

What that means to you is subjective but as scientists we do not settle just for a score out 10 on how you feel. We measure and monitor throughout the duration of your programme to guarantee results.

Biological Age 

Your chronological age is only the surface. You could be older than you think. The rate at which your body is declining is even more important to your health than how fast the clock is deteriorating.

We put our money where our mouth is and use a cutting edge test that tells you your biological age. This means there is no hiding for us. We make sure that we can show you hard facts. When we say ten years younger we will not stop until you have dropped that age score by at least 10 years.

But we do not stop there 

We also want you to look, feel and move 10 years younger so you are as healthy on the outside as you are in the inside.


This means that your skin looks healthy and you will notice a lack of bags under the eyes, the black rings a thing if the past. Your complexion has a glow and you are rash and spot free. Your hair and nails look strong and shiny and your body is lean and fat free so you feel confident in your clothes. But most of all you have a smile on your face that says, "I am happy with me."


Do you feel your age? Whether you do or do not the main thing is that there is true alignment. 

Most of our clients seem to have a conflict with their body and mind. More often than not feeling that their body is older than their mind.

We put a stop to that. You will feel 10 years younger because you will have more confidence especially in moments when you are in front of large groups of people like when you give a key note speech or interviewed on TV.

Feeling young is just as important as how the body looks or moves. You know how tiresome it is looking at yourself in the mirror as you struggle to put on your shoes in the morning, watching your belly bulging over your waist. It is time to take action.


Why should your age determine how long you should be able to do the things you love? 

We say it should not. Therefore your body will be more flexible, noticed in the lack of injuries from doing the sports you love. 

You will be stronger meaning you will be able to embarrass your daughters husband or your cheeky nephew by smashing out 100 full press-ups and 50 full stretch pull ups at the family get together. 

You will be fitter meaning you will not be gasping for air walking upstairs and having the sweats from walking for longer the 10 minutes.